‘Queen Bees’ Stirs Buzz With Its Cast Of Hollywood Greats


Having been playfully compared as this year’s Mean Girls in an older generation’s world of a retirement community, Queen Bees light-heartedly proves the stakes are much higher in this new film when Ellen Burstyn’s character Helen calls out the clashing attitudes saying, “This isn’t high school” and Loretta Devine’s character Sally immediately squashes that comment by saying, “It’s worse. High school, we graduate. Here, we die.”

This past April, Queen Bees found a happy home at independent film distributor Gravitas Ventures after acquiring the film’s North American rights from Arclight Films. Gravitas is releasing Queen Bees now in theaters and simultaneously on demand. Starring Burstyn, Devine, Ann-Margret, Jane Curtin, James Caan and a wonderfully out of the ordinary performance by Christopher Lloyd, these beloved Hollywood veterans are out in top form to tell this sweet story that is worthy of our attention.

“I wanted to do this because I don’t think there are any other movies at this time that tackle this situation,” 80-year-old Ann-Margret, who plays Margot, tells Forbes about the senior living home backdrop of Queen Bees. “You can make new friends, no matter what your age is, no matter what your situation is. Going to this brand new facility might be scary, but the people who try it find that they can make all these brand new friends and they can have their old friends meet their new friends and it’s great.”

Ann-Margret, perhaps best known for her sultry roles and memorable song-and-dance numbers in cinema throughout the 1960s and 1970s, proves in Queen Bees that age is merely a number and that she has still got it after all these years. When opening up about acting alongside her Queen Bees’ funny foursome with Ellen, Loretta and Jane, Ann-Margret says, “It was such fun! With Ellen, this is the third film that I have done with her, but it’s the first film where we’ve had scenes together because the other two [films], I was ‘the other woman.’ So we didn’t have any scenes together (laughs).”