GamStop Can Be Either Helpful or a Hindrance to Online Gamblers


GamStop is a self-exclusion website service specifically developed to assist with problematic gambling behaviors. It is helpful to those that have a gambling addiction but can be a hindrance to the enjoyment of online casino gaming if an individual ends up registered with GamStop inadvertently or while they self-registered during the addiction process. Some users once they are registered with GamStop are enrolled inadvertently by others, or do not have a real gambling problem and regret that they have registered. Removal from GamStop is possible but it does take a bit of intuitiveness and some work. is a site specifically with casino gaming sites that are not listed with GamStop.

The history of GamStop and gambling habits in the UK led to its inception.

Operators of the GamStop scheme must be registered with GamStop in order to prevent gambling. It cannot be used on sites that are not registered. GamStop is registered only in the UK and Wales and out-of-country problem gambling addictions are not subject to its use. The House of Lords in the UK determined in 2020 that about a third of the population of the UK and Wales suffer from a gambling addiction, and this has been exacerbated by the lockdowns due to the Pandemic, plus the availability of online gambling sites. This was the reasoning behind the development and implementation of GamStop. According to the BBC (British Broadcasting News), there are new restrictions now being placed upon online gambling and the British National Lottery. Some restrictions are that credit cards cannot be used or abused, spin speeds are now going to be regulated, and losses can never be celebrated as “wins”. This happens when bonuses are applied and seem as wins to users when in fact the winner has suffered a loss.

GamStop is not forced upon gamers in any way.

What GamStop does is have a player register themselves to put a limit on how many times they can gamble, and on the amount of money they are spending while gambling, especially on the slot games. Slot machines typically are the most problem with online gambling sites as the spin action can be determined by the site and speeds can be notoriously quick. Gamers many times do not even realize how fast they are playing or how much they are losing while they play. So, what is GamStop? It is a self-enclusion registration site that will prohibit the use of some sites that do not follow the new regulations that the British government is imposing on online gambling casino sites. GamStop has mixed reviews with some users that were spending too much online loving it, while others find that it prevents them from using sites even occasionally and getting off the registration is not easy. Problem gamblers are now limited and seem to enjoy being on GamStop while those that had only a minor interest in online casinos seem sorry that they registered.