Casino Guardian Releases New Report: ‘Why Do Brits Spend So Much on Gambling?’


Casino Guardian has released its latest report titled Why Do Brits Spend So Much on Gambling?

The report shares exhaustive information about the gambling habits and expenditures of Brits. The information is arranged in tabular form, allowing readers to see the data clearly.

The report starts by introducing readers to the scope and size of the UK gambling industry in terms of GGY (Gross Gambling Yield). Despite the revenue from land-based operations dropped due to the coronavirus pandemic, the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Casino Guardian’s report points to the local population’s frequency of gambling. It shows that 22.2% of Brits have gambled two or more times per week for the year to September 2020. The report also features information about how Brits gamble.

Casino Guardian also addresses the latest regulatory measures the British government has taken to protect the population from the harms of gambling. These include a credit card ban on gambling transactions and cuts on the maximum FOBT stakes.