A new studio is coming to Hollywood to fill sound-stage need


The pandemic emptied the white-collar office, but the sound stage Entertainment production continues to grow.

Against this background, a plan for a complex called Echeron Studio was submitted to the city. This could help meet the growing demand for facilities as the industry is beginning to relax the pandemic restrictions on COVID-19.When production returns to full speed, companies Expected to increase To meet the content needs of cinemas and new streaming services.

Real estate developer David Simon said the sound stage was “long shortage.” “For the past 5-6 years, the market share has been above 95% and there is no decline in demand in the future.”

Simon wants to build an Echeron Studio on the grounds of a closed Sears store and parking lot, built in 1951 in Santa Monica Boulevard, west of the 101 Highway. The plan requires a studio with five sound stages and support facilities, including offices and spaces for production-based camps with trucks, equipment, and actor trailers.

The former owner of the five-acre plot between Wilton Place and St Andrews Place intended to build a residential and retail complex, Simon said. Time is a better use of the site, as the demand for studios is so high.

“Hollywood has been popular for a long time,” said Patrick Amos, a real estate broker at CBRE. This is due to its central location surrounded by entertainment business nodes such as Culver City, Burbank and Century City. Its fame is also a factor.

“Hollywood still has such a hideout that it’s Hollywood,” Amos said. “It’s not just a place.”

While the film and television industry has been one of the major drivers of the Southern California economy for generations, the advent of video-on-demand streaming has created a “insatiable desire” for media-oriented real estate such as studios and offices. Caused. CBRE.

And even though the Los Angeles region is ranked as the world leader in sound stage capacity with over 5.2 million square feet of certified stage space. FilmLA data show. During the pandemic, the local stage remained leased. The locations that have been decreasing little by little are back.

Other developers are also trying to embark on the industry’s demand for a sound stage, a soundproof warehouse-type building designed for indoor shooting and recording without interference from external noise.

Formerly the owner of Television City, which was run by CBS, Announced plan In March, we made $ 1.25 billion worth of improvements to the Los Angeles lot, increased the number of stages from 8 to at least 15, and added production support facilities and rental offices.

Rendering of the proposed Echelon Studios production complex to help meet the needs of the Hollywood sound stage.