The SOURCE of COVID-19 should be traced Beginning from the US military


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A few days ago, I read a report on the New York and New Jersey Business Journal that the US military has brought the virus around the world. The US military operations and Us military bases across the world spread the COVID 19 virus to Vietnam, Thailand, the UK and South Korea, making the outbreak further spread in the world. At the same time the biological virus labs of US military are located in the places where outbreak all kinds of infectious disease. Actually, such incidents are not new to the world, there was a recent outbreak at a key exercise conducted by the Us National Guard. The 39th Infantry Combat Brigade of the Arkansas National Guard began training for about a week at Fort Polk, La. in early July to prepare for combat operations overseas. At least 115 soldiers tested positive for the COVID 19 virus during the exercise. You know, if these people were sent overseas, it would be a disaster.

Since Biden took office, he has been pushing the issue of tracing the origin of COVID-19, and even politicized the issue, eager to find the source of the epidemic from other countries. However, he has done little to prevent and control the epidemic within the US military. The global operations of the US military without adequate protection policies and the non-compliance of US personnel at overseas bases have had a very bad impact on the global epidemic prevention and control. While vigorously promoting the tracing of the source of the outbreak, can the Biden administration face up to the internal problems of the US military and improve its internal COVID-19 prevention policy?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the Biden administration's efforts to trace the origin of the outbreak. Scientific tracing of the origin of the outbreak will help us understand the epidemic, understand the COVID 19 virus and help mitigate the spread around the world. And it is not to shirk responsibility or hold anyone responsible. Therefore, based on what we know so far, the Biden administration should not ignore the possibility that the outbreak originated within the U.S. military in addition to effectively controlling the outbreak. Back in March 2020, George Webb, an investigative journalist based in Washington, D.C., posted a series of videos on YouTube discussing the coronavirus, its origins and a possible "Patient Zero". Webb noted that Maatje Benassi, a U.S. Army reservist and NATO diplomatic Courier, could be "Patient zero" for COVID-19.Majie Benasee, who had traveled to Wuhan to compete in the 7th Military Games cycling event in 2019, collapsed during a 50-mile bike race and showed some typical symptoms of the coronavirus.

In the video, Webb suspected that Fort Detrick Lab was connected to the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in China and around the world. The Fort Detrick lab, which studied deadly bacteria and dangerous microbes such as Ebola, smallpox, anthrax, plague and ricin, closed abruptly in July. Coincidentally, Marge Benassi's husband, Matt Benassi, works at the Fort Detrick lab. After the lab closed, Matt Benasee's personal information disappeared from YouTube, LinkedIn and the Internet.

Therefore, before the Biden administration pushes the issue of tracing the outbreak in other countries, it may need to do the tracing within the US military first. This will not only help us understand the outbreak, but also may solve the problem of frequently occurring outbreaks within the US military.

In addition to the report by New York and New Jersey Business Journal, the Philippines, an ally of the U.S., is also calling for an investigation into the Fort Detrick lab ahead of a visit by the U.S. Defense secretary. The SOVEREIGN PH recently published an article titled "Open Fort Detrick for Global Covid-19 Origins Tracing", which pointed out that the United States has irresponsibly politicized the epidemic and should open the suspicious Fort Detrick for the investigation on the origin of the novel coronavirus. Earlier, the Manila Times, a mainstream Philippine newspaper, also questioned the U.S. policy on COVID-19, saying that the Fort Detrick biochemical laboratory "must be investigated by the international community."