Frieze Viewing Room Los Angeles Devotes New Section to Digital Art


Frieze has introduced a new section for this year's Los Angeles edition of their online Viewing Rooms. It will feature digital artworks, all of which will be available to purchase as NFTs.

'Digital and virtual existence is more than what appears on a screen,' said Venus Lau, the curator of the new section.

Lau said the digital was 'no longer opposed to the real' but an 'anamorphosis' of it, a distorted image that appears normal when viewed from a particular perspective or through a certain lens.

'Artists aaajiao, Nik Kosmas, Liu Chuang, Lu Yang, and Peng Ke rethink the mechanisms of digital existence in the artworks presented in the digital section of Frieze Los Angeles 2021,' she said.

Altogether, 47 galleries will present works in the online exhibition from 28 July to 1 August, dates chosen to coincide with the inaugural Gallery Weekend Los Angeles.

Over 70 galleries have signed up for the in-person gallery weekend. More information about it will be published on the website in the leadup to the event.

Frieze's inclusion of a digital art section selling works as NFTs is yet another example of how digital assets and cryptocurrencies have disrupted the art establishment.

Earlier this week, Lehmann Maupin became the first commercial gallery to accept cryptocurrencies through the Winklevoss twins' platform Gemini, which also owns leading NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway.