CASH COW Woman claims rich men are all ‘terrible lovers’ – and reveals her biggest relationship turn off


A WOMAN has claimed rich men are all "terrible lovers" and says they're not worth the comfortable life they can offer.

Jana Hocking, 34, from Sydney, recently dated an older man who was "very financially comfortable" - owning a Range Rover and "a gorgeous house in the right part of town".

Despite this, the single radio presenter soon saw herself going off the eligible bachelor - despite her friends "gushing at how lucky I was to have found him".

Writing for, in a piece called "why rich men are terrible lovers", Jana said the her ex was prepared to settle down and didn't behave badly on boys' nights out.

She added: "I believe the term for a guy like this is a 'unicorn'. They’re almost too good to be true."

But Jana started to realise he was actually "too agreeable".

She said: "I thrive on a good debate and adore hearing someone else’s point of view, but he was just that lovely type of guy who was happy to go along with whatever I thought on the matter. He didn’t really engage."

Jana was left to plan their date nights, trips away and even what they spoke about.

She added: "I woke up one morning and he was staring at me with big puppy dog eyes, waiting for me to tell him what we would be doing that day, and I knew straight away. This was not the man for me.