A $44 Million Home In Los Angeles Designed With Basketball Fans In Mind


Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most lavish homes, and developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati, known as the ‘King of Brentwood Development,’ is responsible for building several of the city’s most extravagant properties.

Nosrati, of Huntington Estate Properties, is known for pushing the boundaries of design, from designing healing rooms and even pot gardens to basketball courts and garages to house fancy sports cars. The most recent opulent home he sold is a $44 million property in Los Angeles’ exclusive Brentwood neighborhood called The Brentwood Oasis. Hedge-fund executive Jeffrey Feinberg purchased the home.

“Because it has anything and everything you can dream of, it's gated for the ultimate privacy,” Nosrati tells Forbes. “I named it Oasis because you feel like you are on vacation everyday. I took inspiration from a resort and made it into a residential masterpiece.”