Save Room For These 14 Signature Desserts in Los Angeles


It’s easy to fill up on savories and pass on the sweet stuff when going out for a meal. And truth be told, that’s usually not a terrible call, because desserts can be an afterthought for some chefs and restaurants. However, the places celebrated on this list devote as much care and creativity to the end of the meal as they do to the start. Here now are 14 sensational desserts worth saving room for in Los Angeles.

Removed: Cake of the Month at The Arthur J, Souffle at Tesse, Butterscotch Budino at Pizzeria Mozza, Strawberry Parfait at Here’s Looking At You, Milk & Honey at NoMad Los Angeles, Coconut Mousse at Nightshade, St. Honoré at Bon Temps, Kakigori at Majordomo

Added: Tarte Tatin at Perle, Chocolate Souffle at Pasjoli, Apple Pain Perdu at Bar Restaurant, Hazelnut Dacquoise at Merois, Hibiscus Meringue at Damian